E-Flite 4-Site F3P Bipe

Video Selector Eflite 4-Site - Zacks 2nd only Flight on this plane ~ April 29, 2010
Eflite 4-Site Flight by Jerry JR on Nov 15 2009 ~ November 23, 2009
Eflite 4-Site Triple Plane Flight with Mid-Air CollisionS -Crash ~ November 14, 2009
Eflite 4-Site BiPlane - Veterans Day 2009 ~ November 12, 2009
Eflite 4-site Maiden Flight by Jerry JR -Age 11 ~ October 12, 2009

Plane Name: 4-SITE F3P BIPE CG (Center of Gravity) 75-90mm Leading Edge Top Wing
Manufacturer: E-FLITE Length 37 inches Lipo 3cell 500mah 20c
Blade Type: GWS Weight 6.5 oz Receiver AR6110E
Blade Size: 7x3.5 Composite Depron Foam Amp Draw/Max  
Frequency: 2.4 Ghz Motor BPA2204-19 Watts Draw/Max  
Wing Span: 32 inches ESC 10A MKII BP10A Transmitter DX6i
Other Notes:   Experience Level INTERMEDIATE