EasyStar by Multiplex

The Easy Star was designed for first time pilots in mind, and offers incredibly stable flight characteristics and durability. Powered by a powerful Speed 400 motor mounted on the top so hard landing won't break the prop or hurt the motor. The Easy Star flies with little input and has the ability to recover easily. Made from Multiplex's durable "Elapor" foam, the Easy Star will take a tremendous amount of abuse without breaking. And, if it does break it is easily repaired with CA (super) glue. Even after many crashes during the learning process, the Easy Star will be ready for more and is sure to still around to teach someone else to fly where other trainers would be ready for the trash can!


No painting required, perfabricated and colorful parts made of shockproof ELAPOR foam
Protected motor mounted above the wings for safety and durability
Designed for beginners learning to fly
Easy to dismantled for easy tranport
Flown with elevator/rudder and motor control
Good gliding properties, even when motor is turned off
Flies well with a 6 or 7 cell battery pack


Type: Airplanes
Wingspan: 54 in
Overall Length: 36 in
Flying Weight: 24 oz
Wing Area: 372 sq in