eRC Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector Jet ARF

Video Selector Hobby-Lobby EuroFighter - An Evening of Fun ~ September 17, 2011
Hobby-Lobby EF2000 EuroFighter Typhoon - 90mm ~ June 26, 2011
2 Hobby-Lobby Eurofighters and 1 Sapac T-45 EDFs taking flight ~ April 10, 2011
Hobby-Lobby EF2000 EuroFighter Typhoon - 90mm - FUN FLIGHT 4-10-2011 ~ April 10, 2011
Hobby-Lobby EF2000 eRC EuroFighter Typhoon - 90mm - Fun Flight ~ July 24, 2010
Hobby-Lobby EF2000 eRC EuroFighter Typhoon - 90mm - MAIDEN FLIGHT ~ April 2, 2010
Hobby-Lobby EF2000 EuroFighter Typhoon - 90mm - BUILD VIDEO ~ March 25, 2010

Plane Name: eRC EuroFighter CG (Center of Gravity) 298 mm From Lip of Intake
Manufacturer: eRC - Hobby-Lobby Length 55 inches Lipo 2x 3s 5000Mah 30c in series
Blade Type: EDF Weight 79 oz Receiver AR7000
Blade Size: 90 mm EDF Composite Foam Amp Draw/Max  
Frequency: 2.4 Ghz Motor Stock Watts Draw/Max  
Wing Span: 37.5 inches ESC 85 Amp Stock Transmitter JR 9503
Other Notes: Working Conards. Nav Light. Retracts. thrust Vectoring Experience Level ADVANCED
The EuroFighter from Hobby Lobby is Fantastic. You can get the RxR version, slap it together and go fly. I love the sound of this 90mm motor. The woosh it makes many times has the audience wondering if I don't have a turbine in her. Fly the Eurofighter with Thrust Vectoring and Conards ON. There is no need what so ever to turn either of them off. With them off, the plane actually becomes a little doggy to fly. I fly at 100% throws, with about 30% expo all the way around. Slow your retracts down a bit...looks cool.

1. Wheels. I've seen 3 Eurofighters now where the wheels slowly work themselves loose from the rod. The lock nut comes off. So, locktite that. 

2. I had to sand a little foam from the rear side of the Main retract bays. The backside of the wheels were rubbing on the foam and one landing, I had to keep popping the retracts to get it loose.

3. The front gear door. I actually took mine off. It just wouldnt shut properly. I dont notice it being gone. Kinda odd anyway to have a front door, but no main gear doors. My buddies in flight was open slightly and caused some weird cavitations for him along with a strange whistle during flight. LOL.

4. Double check the glue on the retracts mount plate. One side of mine popped off (Where the wood meets the foam) during a takeoff because the wheel bounced in a crack of the runway. When I checked the other side, I was able to easily pop it off too. So I reglued both sides to strengthen that up.

5. RUDDER Upgrade. There have been many times I wished I had rudder authority. The TV does a decent job of rudder control, but the Rudder upgrade would be awesome. I don't think I'm going to do it, but I could see it being a great idea.

6. The Bombs. I have always had mine on. They simply look Great and make the whole plane just that much more cooler. They add a slight amount of Drag, but I really dont think it slows it that much. Plus, if you do the CG.

You're gonna love the EuroFighter!! Wait till you hear the EDF woosh right over your head. I love to approach in a semi elevator drop harrier position right at me, then as it gets near the ground, full throttle and watch it harrier past me blasting the earth with 90mm of raw power and hearing that great woooosh and it rockets back up into the sky.