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Video Selector F-16 Falcon 70mm EDF Jet by NitroPlanes MAIDEN FLIGHT ~ June 20, 2009
F-16 Falcon 70mm EDF Jet by NitroPlanes - BUILD VIDEO ~ June 17, 2009
2009 New 70MM 4 CH  US Air Force F-16 Fighting  3D Aerobatic Remote Control Electric Ducted Fan RC Fighter Jet RTF

2009 New 70MM 4 CH US Air Force F-16 Fighting 3D Aerobatic Remote Control Electric Ducted Fan RC Fighter Jet RTF

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a multirole jet fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamics for the United States Air Force. Designed as a lightweight, day-time Visual Flight Rules (VFR) fighter, it evolved into a successful multirole aircraft. The Falcon's versatility is a paramount reason it has proven a success on the export market, having been selected to serve in the air forces of 25 nations. This 4CH F-16 Fighting Falcon EDF Jet RTF (Ready to Fly) unique design featuring a single ducted 70mm fan unit, while retaining twin engine look; precision molded EPS airframe with outstanding detail and scale appearance. F-16 has excellent flying characteristics, will loop, roll, fly inverted, and do most other manevuvers. Jet has steerable nosegear, with a very powerful pre-installed power system which will allow for quick takeoffs. Battery is a lithium-polymer. 4 Channel Full Function Radio Controlled (Aileron,Elevator,Rudder,Throttle) Full aerobatic characteristics; inside loops, outside loops, axial rolls, inverted flight, knife edge, stall turns, hammerheads, and spins are possible Excellent hedgehopping performance High speed, flying speed at 80mph+!!! Excellent stability of nosing up and down State of the art components such as Outrunner Brushless Ducted Fan, 45amp Speed Control, and 2200mah 20C 14.8 Volt Li-Po Battery Pack famousus "Cobra Maneuver" available Steerable nose landing gear Rudder helps steer plane on ground on its scale landing gear for easy take off Super tough, lightweight airframe! Shock Resistant Reinforced fuselage and Strong Wings Can Take Off From Ground or Hand Launched Ground Take-Off can be performed easily Excellent Flight Performance Super easy and super stable electric powered scale R/C park flyer for beginner or middle-level users Stable inverted flight fuselage with pre-installed Electronics, Motor, Servos, and Speed Controller Superb Quality, Simply the Best RTF Jet you can find!!! Super stable for beginner, Super low speed for safety, Super low altitude for fun Fabricated by accurate molds with high fidelity of real airplane Excellent stability and aerobatic capability High roll rate Digital Proportional Motor Speed Control Easy to Fly, Easy to Control, Super stable for beginner Slow Speed Flying Capable, Good for Beginner Suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots Approximately 10 minutes flight time on each charge - Optional Li- poly battery will help to achieve better performance and longer flight time. All spare parts and accessories are available Ready to Fly, Easy to Assemble (90% assembled )   Wingspan: 780mm (30.7 in) Length: 1230mm (48.4 in) Flying Weight: 1000g (35.3 oz)