Video Selector FlyZone Cessna 182 Skylane - Maiden Flight - Zack 4-4-2010 ~ April 4, 2010

Plane Name: CESSNA 182 SKYLANE CG (Center of Gravity)  48mm from leading edge
Manufacturer: FLYZONE Length 39inches Lipo 3cell 2200mah 25c
Blade Type: PROP Weight 37 oz Receiver AR500
Blade Size: 8x6 Composite Foam Amp Draw/Max Not Measured
Frequency: 2.4 Ghz Motor Not Provided Watts Draw/Max Not Measured
Wing Span: 47.5 inches ESC Not Provided Transmitter DX7 E
Other Notes: Nav Lights and Flaps Installed Experience Level Beginner
The Flyzone Cessna is a Super Plane to pick up.  I picked up the Receiver Ready Version and the build was very straight forward. Simply added my AR500 Receiver and followed the directions for building.  The wing bolts were a little tricky to get inserted, but with care and patience, they fit snug.  The plane is very stable in the air, and the wing Nav light in the front is visible even in daylight!