Tech-One Malibu F3P Profile

Video Selector Techone Malibu F3P - 1of20 Flown ~ March 7, 2010

Plane Name: MALIBU F3P CG (Center of Gravity)   77mm from leading edge
Manufacturer: TECH-ONE Length 35 inches Lipo 3cell 500mah
Blade Type: PROP Weight 6 oz Receiver AR6110e
Blade Size: 7x3.5 gws Composite Foam Amp Draw/Max Not Measured
Frequency: 2.4 Ghz Motor BPa 2204-19 Watts Draw/Max Not Measured
Wing Span: 33.3 inches ESC 10amp brushless Transmitter Dx6i
Other Notes:   Experience Level Beginner
This plane is a great plane for Every Level of Pilot.  For a Beginner, set the control throws low and high Expo.  The plane become docile and fairly easy to control for straight normal lap flights. As the pilot progresses, increase the throws, soon the plane is ready for high 3D F3P moves including, hovering, harriers, elevator drops, rolling circles and soooo much more.  Because it's Foam, repairs are quick and easy with C/A Gap Filling Glue and Zap. Within minutes, a crash can be repaired and put you back in the air!  Fair Warning! The build is Tedious..  Requires extreme patience.   To Hold the prop on the motor, I found using Kitchen Faucet O-Rings #11 are superior!  Have fun with this one!