P-40 WARHAWK 140 73" WING CMPro
by NitroPlanes

Video Selector CMPro P40 Warhawk 73inch Wing Electric Conversion ~ September 7, 2009

Plane Name: P-40 Warhawk 140 CG (Center of Gravity) 112mm Leading Edge
Manufacturer: CMPro Length 62 inches Lipo 6s 5000Mah 30c
Blade Type: PROP Weight 10.75 lbs Receiver AR6200
Blade Size: 17X08e APC Composite Balsa/FiberG Amp Draw/Max TBD
Frequency: 2.4 Ghz Motor Turnigy 50-65A 400Kv Watts Draw/Max TBD
Wing Span: 73 inches ESC 80amp Turnigy Plush Transmitter DX7 PROP
Other Notes: Super Quality ARF Experience Level ADVANCED
A lot of building experience is needed on this kit as the instructions take into consideration that the pilot has the experience. The instructions are basically a blow out schematic of the plane. The quality of the plane out of the box is outstanding! This is truly a Remarkable looking plane! Converting to electric is proving to be a challenge, especially to get the balancing just right.